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"To me the land is like a shining mirror;
it reflects who I am or what I have become...”

Living in a dream country and being able to paint is a perfect backdrop for Kylie Smith, talented New Zealand landscape painter, a lover of landscape who feels hemmed in if she can’t see the horizon.

She captures the mood in the land, the colours of the burnt otago fields, the deep reds that line the evening sky of the desert road, to the melted tar seal over the stretched terrain of the Mackenzie Country.

Kylie regards this to be the setting to her life. This site will take you for a virtual look into Kylie’s past and present artworks. Here she shows you the extraordinary contrasts of the chosen landscapes she has reflected herself in. Her colourful vibrant works demonstrate how overpowering New Zealand’s beautiful terrain can be.


Looking for artworks for your workplace and office?
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Check out this years show in Sydney and previous exhibitions from the exhibitions page..

Many of the artworks displayed are available for purchase and commission work is welcome.
If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Or by phone contact: 021 595 431 (021kylie1)

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